It’s Just Who I Am

Christmas 2022

Hi there and welcome to #Raising3Rushes (and sometimes a 4th) in a perfect sinful world! I am so excited you stopped by. I am Bethany but can sometimes be referred to as Mom, Babe, Honey, Momma, Mrs. Brush . . . the nicknames are limitless. And honestly, I adore them all. Mrs. Brush is a little less formal that Mrs. Rush and it really does fit me to a tee as I am a Registered Dental Hygienist by degree with a Masters in Management and Leadership.

I’m just your down to earth, homegrown Louisiana girl that lived a big Texas life from Fall 2011 to November 2019 and then moved to Virginia January 2020. My husband, Craig, and I married June 2006, a day before our one year anniversary of dating and knowing each other. When it’s meant to be, it’s just meant to be. We met in Natchitoches, Louisiana (my hometown) and moved to Ruston, LA once we married. While in Ruston I practiced in a few private dental offices and Craig managed a large high end furniture store. Life was good but it was oh so boring. Boring because we attempted to do it all on our own! That is, until Jesus turned our world upside down!

I’ll spare you ALL of the details and instead link you to my first blog that I started years ago. If interested in reading more, go to

That blog was my first blog and was started before we ended up with three kids in three years!!! We are well aware of how that occurs. What can I say, my husband was a seminary student and after trying for several years I sure wasn’t going to change anything until I knew my quiver was full!

Jesus is my Savior! He is my everything. Next comes my man Craig and then our 3 Rushes. They are all E names (yes I know, its corny and was not what we set out to do, but it happened)! All family names and classic ones at that. Elliott is our sports loving first born son, Evelyn is our girly tumbling princess, and Everett is our caboose fireball who thinks he is as big and old as the other two! All three are strong willed, independent and stubborn children who love life to the fullest! They get ALL OF THAT AND MORE honestly and it’s not just from one side or the other!

Most of the time my filter is missing and my husband is a pastor! This makes for a fun and interesting combination. Stick around long enough and you will understand what that fully means! I am by no means an expert on much of anything, but I do strive to live a life on mission with God daily all while #raising3Rushes who are growing in their knowledge and love for the Lord. My hope is that you enjoy your time at #raising3rushes (andsometimesa4th) and that it brings you laughter, encouragement, and draws you a little bit closer to the creator of the universe! That you find nuggets of truth that can be easily added into your daily walks and maybe even used on the little people the Lord has entrusted to you. He loves you (and them) to infinity and beyond and truth is, we do live in a perfect sinful world!