Come On In

Hi there!  I’m so thankful you have taken a moment to join me on #raising3rushes(andsometimesa4th) in a perfect sinful world.  That’s a mouth full right and yet pretty thought provoking.  Think about it.?. My 3 E’s are my little human’s and the 4th. . . well, you get the idea! (yes, the 4th has totally given me permission for the title and does not find it disrespectful in the least!)  In fact, he has said “well if you don’t call it what it is, then who will?”  That brings me to ME.  Who am I?

I’m just your down to earth, home grown Louisiana girl living a big Texas life. Jesus is my Savior, Craig is my husband, and Elliott, Evelyn, and Everett are my 3 E’s. My filter is missing and my husband is a pastor! This makes for a fun and interesting combo. Hope you enjoy your time at #raising3rushes(andsometimesa4th) and that it brings you laughter and draws you a little bit closer to the creator of the universe! Truth is, we do live in a perfect sinful world!

SO, sit back, relax and join in the conversation. . . memories are being made and hearts are being tugged, all of which is part of the journey!

“He will yet fill your mouth with laughter and your lips with shouts of joy.” Job 8:21

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