Love. What matters.

Early morning shenanigans waiting for the bus
There is always a reason to tunnel up!

The Rushes successfully survived the first week back to school after Winter break. The 3 E’s all made it to school on time and without much complaint and I was actually early to school!

To know the Rushes, is to love us, and that means we really don’t Rush to get anywhere on time. We are a family made up of Extroverted Introverts. I totally made that up, let me explain.

We love people. We love being with people. We love seeing people. We love talking to people. . . Get the point? On the flip side we recharge by being at home.

Spoons. . . it’s the game full of laughter and jokes!

Anytime we have to get ready to go somewhere we drag our feet. This mainly applies to myself and the 3 E’s. Craig on the other hand, well he lives by the philosophy of “if you aren’t 5 minutes early then you’re late.”

Almost 13 years into marriage and he’s still working on me! Back to the point, we recharge from being at home, so going back to school and normal schedules outside of the house can be a bit hairy at times! That’s the introvertedness part.

Along with normal back to school shenanigans, I personally was trying to juggle maintaining the 3 E’s in the evening while dad has been in a heavy season of ministry.

Now, before I go any further with this I want to make sure that I am fully communicating with you all. In no way am I complaining, fussing, gripping or whatever other adjective or emotion you could conjure up to go along with this. Ministry is what we do! And would be what we would do even if it wasn’t what we did. Try that statement fast five times!!!

Jesus calls us to love. Friend, family and even foe! That’s a tough one. Loving people as much as we love Jesus is the gospel in a nutshell. They go hand in hand. And we, the Rushes, are committed to that. I would say no matter the cost, but I’m not sure I can pin myself in that box quite yet.

Not complaining, just being open, honest and authentic. (One day I’ll take the time to share my story with you but for now I’ll give the cliff notes.)

I found Jesus early in life. Loved Him and sought to live a life for Him. Life hit and I strayed. When I decided I was tired of trying to fix all the hurt and heartache that had occurred in my life on my own and accept the fact that Jesus loves me so big that He wanted to take on the burden, I made a decision to fully trust in that love. No matter what it would cost me. No matter how hard it would be. No matter if I said stuff that wasn’t “politically appropriate” or “socially acceptable”. No matter if I lost every friend I had made in my life up until that point. (Which was a real temporary sacrifice). No matter if it meant i wouldn’t be a “popular person” or always get the “short end of the stick.” To me, it was worth it all.

I am happy to report, that I have maintained that decision for over a decade and really don’t have any plans of turning back. Even as a pastor’s wife, I stay true to who I am and say what I feel led to say. The prayer of my life at all times is that the Lord would shut my mouth if the filter is a little too loose but allow it to flow freely if and/or when things need a little shaking up. That He would use me in ways He sees fit and that His will for my life would take precedent. Sounds cliche but it really is my desire!

This season of ministry has been heavy because the end of life and sickness are real. By the nature of Craig’s position, he’s one of the first a family will call when life is happening. Like I mentioned earlier, ministry is what we do no matter “the title” of his job. That does mean things look a little different at home during those seasons. This time there was no question as to where he needed to be.

As Craig and I would lift this family up in prayer, we also prayed that the Lord would give our own children a total understanding of why dad was away and that they would take it easy on me. The God of the Universe is a faithful God and He listens and cares!

Our kids were amazing this week. Never once did they whine or complain or ask when dad is coming home. Never did they show any signs of resentment. Instead they asked deep thought provoking questions.

Questions that showed they were truly thinking about God and heaven and the reality of it all. Questions that scripture doesn’t clearly give answers to or I haven’t read yet. So as vague as some of my responses were they found satisfaction in them. Yet also found peace in knowing that the person’s body was done on earth but was nearing the moment of ultimate reward in Jesus!

All that to say, the first week back has been a whirlwind. We survived. I can’t say we “thrived” but survived we did. The second week is shaping up to be about the same but as only we can do, one foot in front of the other while pressing on to what’s in front of us. One. Day. At. A. Time.

How do your first few weeks back on schedule look? Do you have any tips or tricks that you find help make it go a little more smoothly? What about when life sets in? Do you have a verse or passage of scripture you turn to? Any specific prayers you pray over your people?

My point in the #Raising3Rushes blog is this, for us to find joy in the stories of life (the good, the bad, and even the ugly) and to find contentment in the Lord. To keep the main thing the main thing and not make a minor thing something major.

Life is precious and is but a fleeting moment. We are halfway through January and chaos is setting in. I leave you with this, remember what really matters, loving Jesus with all you got by loving those He brings across your path. That’s really all He asks!

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