Short & Sweet

Man, time flies when having fun! Or so the saying goes. I’m not 100% sure where the month of January has gone but when I look at the calendar it seems as if it’s been super fun!

Today’s post is short and sweet. I’ll post more later this week.

First, because I’m tired! This weekend was non stop. From Leadership forum and Christmas experience redemption to family coming to town because the kids were in their theatre production of Wizard of Oz.

Second, it’s short and sweet because well, attempting to drink coffee while working on your laptop isn’t the best idea! At least when the coffee cup spills all over the keyboard and lets just say letters z, x, c, v, b, n, & m aren’t responsive! Typing up a blog post on a cell phone isn’t the easiest thing in the world!

So, here are a couple of pictures from the weekend and I’ll do a part two later this week!

One thought on “Short & Sweet

  1. Doodle Zabloudil

    Grateful we could be part of it. Hope your letters come back to ya.

    Proud that you are sticking to your writing. I look forward to Mondays for this reason.

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