The Road Less Traveled

I thought working out was supposed to get easier the longer you do it!?!  For me that hasn’t been the case. . . at least not recently. 

Here are my stats for tonight’s workout. For you fellow OTF goers you get it. Not bad and you can sympathize at how hard I had to work to get that pyramid. For you that have no clue and it looks like a beautiful rainbow, that means I sweated ALOT and wanted to quite and slide off the treadmill more than once!  BUT I didn’t. And here’s why. 

While I was making dinner tonight my oldest was reading books while the other two were watching a movie.  Totally not fair, I know, but I wasn’t holding the oldest down to make him read. He decided on his own to work toward accomplishing his goal, even though it was hard to stay focused while the TV was going. 

He and I were having a conversation about how just because something is hard doesn’t mean that it’s not worth it and that we have a choice. We have to choose to push through the pain and/or discomfort or we can choose to take the easy road, aka the one that feels better in the here and now. 

I really didn’t think much of that conversation until it was time for me to decide while jogging on the treadmill. I felt like my lungs were about to explode from my chest. Was I going to quite and take the easy road and relieve myself from the discomfort and honestly the pain that was occurring in my legs or was I going to persevere and push through the discomfort?  What do you think I chose?  

I chose to push through the discomfort.  The reason was because of the conversation I had just had with my son. I seriously would have slide right on off that treadmill and out to get my keys while telling the ladies at the desk “bye Felicia” as I walked out the front door!  

The Lord brought back to my mind the conversation and I made a decision to rest in it. Now, that decision meant my legs hurt. It was not what I wanted to be doing but it is the decision that is better for me in the long run.

With my eyes fixed on myself in the mirror and legs feeling like a Barbie doll with loose leg joints, I silently called upon the Lord and began to pray and ask Him to carry me. To help me make it through it and move past this level of growth in my physical health goals. I recited scripture to myself and then began to beg Him to just do the running for me PLEASE!  

What I learned is that no matter how driven we are as individuals I believe it is still part of the human nature for us to be drawn to the comfort and the here and now. But what we as Christ following individuals are called to is to run the race.  To persevere. To set our eyes on the prize. To run the race and to carry on as Christ Himself did. 


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