Old Town Road

If your like me your mind has already started singing the chorus of this ever so popular song. I’ll spare you from breaking out in full karaoke mode and instead stick to the topic at hand. During this season of transition, the Rush 5 have spent a large portion of it in my hometown of Natchitoches, Louisiana. Natchitoches isn’t a place that most people “know” about like Dallas or Houston. It’s a small town situated in between Shreveport and Alexandria. It is the oldest settlement in the Louisiana Purchase and it is know for its brick front street along with several other accolades. Natchitoches during the Christmas season really is a bucket list item and one that i can happily report, the Rush family has accomplished this year.

Picture it… grand firework displays set to Christmas music promptly being released every Saturday night at 7pm. Different live music on the riverbank amphitheater every Saturday. Thousands if not millions of tiny little Christmas light bulbs made into over 30 set pieces, all significant to the culture, line the riverbank of downtown. The Cane River Queen Ferry is a great place to sit and take in all of the sites while enjoying a funnel cake. Horse drawn carriage rides taking off on the brick road that lines the top of the riverbank basin bowl with more shops than one could imagine… these are the things that dreams are made of. Well, it is when you grew up in Natchitoches. I am incredibly thankful I have been able to share this experience with my husband and my children.

Just a few set pieces!
Of course Santa has a lit walkway leading to his Natchitoches house!
FBC Natchitoches choir performing their Christmas music!
And Craig just couldn’t resist a Christmas Night Light 5K!!! He placed like 15th overall and 6th or 7th in his age bracket. Go Craig!

Our time in Louisiana has been just what the Rush 5 have needed. It has taught us how to be in close quarters again. (Houses really are BIGGER in Texas). It has shown us what it looks like to slow down and actually enjoy whatever the task that is at hand. It has provided us with ample opportunities to visit with most of our families. We have ALL practiced the art of patience. And we have enjoyed the delightful flavors of yummy foods.

As great as this is, it will never compare to the greatness of why we decided to, in faith, step out and follow the Lord and where He has been leading us. As of right now, I will not mention that exact place, but I say that our precious time in Louisiana is drawing near. Though we are sad to be leaving our life close to family, we are EXTREMELY excited for this next big adventure. Would you join us in continuing to pray for the Lord’s direction and that our humanness would continue to rest in the peace and comfort that comes from submitting to the Father?

The old town road is coming to an end, but there is light at the end of the tunnel and the tunnel is a coming! Til next time…