Travel ball during Global Pandemic

Hi y’all! This blog was written on Monday, June 21, 2021. At the time we were a month into being mask free! Man it felt great! Seeing smiling faces just does something for my soul!

Recently here on the blog we’ve talked a lot about life during the pandemic and what the Lord has taught the Rush family. Today, I’m just going to share the fun we have experienced since moving to Virginia. It’s been so different than what I would have ever conjured up, but we are making memories and living life together. Let’s get going.

Our initial plan was for all three E’s to hop right back into baseball and softball. We did some research and discovered a Pony League close by that all three could participate in. Awesome! Signed them up and went and did evaluations for Elliott’s age group. The other two were placed on teams and met their coaches. We were all set… and a week later Pandemic! Spring Season canceled. Summer season canceled and my three E’s were still anxiously awaiting to be into activities to make some friends and burn some energy. Throughout our waiting two big things happened. We were introduced to travel baseball & we started a small business!

Let’s talk travel baseball first. When I realized that pony and rec leagues weren’t happening for a while, Craig and I started exploring options. What would we do? We didn’t want Elliott to miss out on a year or more of playing and practicing. A new team popped up for evaluations and so we decided we would give it a try. August (or September) of 2020 Elliott tried out for the 10U Tidewater Horns team and made it! Over the course of the fall and winter seasons, we practiced twice a week as the team was formed and went to an indoor facility for conditioning during the cold. Looking back this really has been a life line for our family. Due to the nature of the amount of time spent together, and the climate of the world around us, these families really served as a constant for us. Friends were made that we will take with us outside of baseball.

2020/2021 – 10U Tidewater Horns
My fella after pitching his heart out!
Let’s go 24!
Last minute games while your besties are in town means the biggest fan club of all ages!
Just a momma watching her boy do his thing!

These are just a few of the moments that were captured on camera! Not sure what next baseball season will look like for our family, but I can say that during a time where we were still newish and we knew few people and NOTHING was happening, having the constant and consistent Tidewater Horns baseball team was our lifeline!

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