Popping Tops and Breaking Seals

I knew it would happen, but I just wasn’t sure when that would be. Craig and I have always said that once the seal is broken or the top is popped that the rest would be history. I’m not trying to speak in code or be vague about anything. Ha! If we’ve spent any time together then you’ll agree that being vague just isn’t my style. I tend to be the complete opposite if anything. So what is this mysterious top being popped? Seal being broken? Let’s talk about it.

I’ve shared in the past that we headed to seminary for Craig to study missions. On our first date, we talked extensively about not wanting to live life in a box. The box is the oh-so-good and grand American dream of a house with a white picketed fence and 2.5 kids and a dog where parents worked typical 9-5 day joys completing menial work where people live life on autopilot and look as though they have been zapped by the modern-day culture bug zapper that ultimately enslaves them to what this world has to offer. All of that really made us want to barf. As young adults, we just couldn’t wrap our minds around it. Throw in the fact that we were in the midst of significant growth of growing in and understanding what it means to be intentionally walking with the Lord and living a life of faith in Jesus. Whew! Yet, somehow it tends to happen.

As life has it, we married. Had menial jobs. We served in the church. Built a house. Started a family. Then Craig changed his full-time job to a job in ministry. We sold our new house and most of the things in it. Moved to another state to go to seminary and started pursuing international missions. Each time we tried to head to Africa we found out we were expecting a baby. We lived life on mission amongst the internationals in the DFW metroplex all while being very intentional in raising our kiddos and sharing the gospel with our American friends. . . and we still never left the country. It really is mind-boggling how many people in today’s world have never heard of Jesus, much less understand the depth of His love for them!!!

Fast forward to the present day. It’s pretty fitting that we moved to Virginia to lead a church that is centered on missions, yet not fully understanding the depth of their desire for international missions or really thinking that flame still existed for our family. The Lord really does have a way of working all things together for His good if we will just trust Him to do His thing!!! The top that has been popped or the seal that has been broken is this, after 11 years of trying to go internationally for missions, Rushes have done it! Or should I say, the Lord has done it through us? So far for 2022 Craig has been to Athens, Greece and all five of us have traveled to La Paz, Mexico for mission trips. Not only did we absolutely like it, but we all LOVED it. The 3E’s begged to stay and can’t wait for the next grand adventure! Where will we go next? I’m not sure where or when that will be, but this I know is true, the seal has been broken and the Rushes are ready to explore!

Where would you go if given the opportunity to travel internationally for the sake of sharing the gospel with some of God’s people who have yet to hear or fully understand the life-changing story of the gospel of Jesus of Christ?

One thought on “Popping Tops and Breaking Seals

  1. Doodle

    I believe going on a mission trip anywhere in Africa or South America would be a life changing experience for everyone involved.

    I love y’all and am so proud to call you friends.


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