WHEW. . So Glad You’re here!

I sat down with a blog in my head and ready to write and then POOF it’s gone! Guess it wasn’t intended to be recorded.

Unintentionally, but part of being a modern day #firstworld family of 5, our Spring semester has been a doozy! WHEW! I think I fully comprehend why it is so important to stay grounded in more ways than one. This semester we have had all three E’s enrolled in one, just ONE, extracurricular activity and man that has been tough to keep up with. My hat is off to those of you who have multiple kids in multiple activities. This momma wouldn’t be able to handle.

In the process we have (hopefully) made memories that will hopefully last a lifetime. My prayer has been that through every event or experience that my nuggets have experienced that they are able to glean a life lesson and continue to love and be loved. With that being said, enjoy a BRIEF overview of photos that will give a little more insight into what it looks like in the life of #Raising3Rushes . . . enjoy!

Evelyn with her friend having a picnic on our front porch.

These girls love ALL things girly! From picnics to sidewalk chalk and everything in between. Most days include walkie talkies, baby dolls and bicycles and two more little girls that aren’t pictured.

In the background you see the leg of Craig (my man). He is pitching a baseball to the group of at least five fellas ranging from four years old to 7th grade. If it’s not baseball its basketball or even a game of football. . . and by football I am talking about tackle football and not the mom version of tag or flag, which would be more my preference.

Dad does the field trip to Perot museum!

Pictures speak louder than the words I could ever write! Are you experiencing the true excitement E3 is expressing in this photo?!?!? Field trip to the Perot museum fell on a day that I was teaching. . . so, being the AMAZING dad that Craig is, he volunteered to spend the day with Everett’s 3, 4 & 5 year olds Montessori class. I think Craig’s expression is simply stated. . . he made it out alive and with both of the boys he was assigned to keep up with. From the stories, it sounds like they gave him a run for his money!

Evelyn learned to read this year!

My girl! Evelyn started out the year with hesitation. My children are PK’s (pastor’s kids) so they do not lack in the socialization aspect of life. But put her in a room full of children her age, and she froze and her timidity started to peak through! After much work and dedication, this girl got it! Not only did she earn those pair of shining light bright shoes for learning her letters, she went beyond that and put it all together to learn how to read. Her determination and strength are taking her on new adventures without even having to leave the house. She is a reading machine!

When dad needs to go on stage but you just don’t want to let go, he takes you with him no matter what people may say or think!

I sometimes forget just how “little” my Everett is. . . I mean he is JUST four years old for crying out loud (which he does ALOT)! During our Night of Worship with our church family, Craig needed to go on stage and pray but Everett just wasn’t wanting to let go of his dad. SO, instead of making a fuss, Craig just took him with him. So thankful that I have a man that will allow his children to come alongside him in ministry and teaches them what it looks like to love and be loved!

Spring Break included a trip to Ruston, LA to watch the LA Tech Baseball players! A surprise treat was getting to visit with Aunt Annie!

20 years ago I was the same age as this young lady. . . one difference is that she was only an infant. Like weeks old! Due to life and distance, we don’t have many moments to spend with Anna Catherine, but when we do, my 3E’s LOVE them some Aunt Annie! By a long shot, we decided to call and see if she was available to say hi and hug necks. Anna didn’t even hesitate, she walked over to the ball field and made their day, and mine as well! Super proud of the young lady she is and all that she is setting her mind to accomplish! True beauty inside and out!

Dodd musicals are some of our favorites! I love that my kids have the chance to experience the arts in their schools. Music has always been a life line for me and my walk with the Lord. It has given me a place to reside when nothing else would calm the storms of life. My prayer has been that my children would continue to find something that the Lord uses to accomplish the same thing for them and it seems as though they truly enjoy music of most any form!

Baseball is life and so are friends & family! Or so the saying goes in the Rush household. We have played many 4U & 8U games. Attended several practices and even prayed it wouldn’t rain! We have cheered on Elliott’s 2nd grade student teacher in the Wylie High School playoff game and watched more MLB games than I care to admit through our Sling TV subscription (thank you sling for providing all the sports a person could need through your blue and orange subscription)!

Easter was a fun weekend spent with family. . . . at the ballpark and church of course! My brother, sister-in-law and one set of my parents joined us since ministry keeps us put!

Evelyn & Lyla
Heidi, Everett, Uncle Dan & Hazel
Easter 2019

For Evelyn’s Christmas experience, Doodle and I decided that our girls would love to have season passes to Dallas Children’s Theater. Now, before you get all crossed eyed and let your mind start wondering. . . . the cost was no way near anything like the Hamilton tickets! Come on friends, I have three kids and a husband to feed! So much fun to have had dates set on the calendar for us to enjoy more of the arts! Doodle finally remembered (for both us) to get a picture! 3rd play in, we are finally making progress!

After watching “Island of the Skog”

I think I’ve caught you up on SOME of the happenings from this semester. . . or at least enough for you to say WHEW! Summer is a coming (like 8 days for Evelyn & Elliott and 11 days for Everett & me)! Our plans this summer are to relax and refresh. To spend time as a family at the beach and to enjoy the fun of Hawaiian Falls! We always love to read and write and plan to do lots of that in between. I’ll leave you with my three little loves Spring pictures from this year. They are the 3 Rushes that bring the inspiration to this crazy blog of #raising3rushes in this perfect sinful world!

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