Final Beginnings….

What exactly is a final beginning you ask? In the dictionary of Bethany Rush, it’s the end of something old that leads to something new. Let me explain!

Today was the final day of my first year of teaching but yet the beginning of being a (somewhat) seasoned high school teacher. It’s a long stretch I know but hey give a girl a break, I have teacher brain! I was a little excited to head to my van, I may have skipped down the hallway while doing a little jig!


Here’s another example of a final beginning.

May I present to you the 2018-2019 GRCTC graduating class of dental assistants. (All students/parents have given permission to have photos taken/posted).

These young men and women entered my classroom from five different high schools knowing only those students that attended their home campuses and left having made friends with students from four other high schools in their own district. Crazy how you can attend school in the same district as someone and never attend the same school or meet until your 13th and final year of school! Who knew new friendships began during the final year! Final beginnings…

They walked in and didn’t even know how many teeth we have in the human adult dentition and walked out having all passed the Registered Dental Assistant Registration Exam. That exam covered Texas dental jurisprudence, infection control and radiology. Passing this exam is the certificate needed for them to register with the Texas State Board of Dental Examiners which is the final step of becoming a Registered Dental Assistant and can only occur upon graduation! Final beginnings…

Some of them walked in knowing what they wanted to do post high school while the others had no clue. Five students walked out having jobs in dental offices as dental assistants while the others figured out what to study in college and how to accomplish it. Final beginnings…

It may be a stretch of the imagination for my definition of final beginnings but I hope you see the point I’m trying to make. In order for us to grow in life and as a person we have to be willing to have a beginning in order to have an end. When the finale arrives we have a choice, do we go for a new beginning or do we stay put.  Final beginnings can bring about the beautiful natural cycle of life that I truly believe the Lord intended for us to participate in in order for us to continue to grow and thrive.

In case this is my final post until the beginning of next school year, may you enjoy the sun and lazy days.  No alarms and lots of relaxation.  But until the final day of summer arrives make sure you enjoy the beginning.  Final beginnings. . .

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