Ready, Set. . . .

Some of you out there are probably anxiously awaiting for an announcement post declaring where Team Rush will be embarking on our next adventure. Well, I’m sorry friends. No huge announcement to report. But that doesn’t mean that we don’t have plenty to report or that God isn’t good because we have tons to report and no matter the circumstance of life, GOD IS STILL GOOD!

The past month the Rush residence has been constantly moving in some form or fashion. Craig was busy transitioning out of his position with our church and helping the new guy transition in. He has had interview after interview with church after church. At one point we had a spreadsheet of 9 different churches that spanned across 9 different states. Mind blowing? Try being us! We would find ourselves just sitting in the living room looking at each other like Jesus himself had just walked on water or better yet He had called Peter to walk to Him on the water. MIND BLOWN! All we measly humans could do was pray. We have fasted (well Craig is better at that part than me, but I have practiced intermittent fastening, does that count) and we have prayed. We have read scripture and we have prayed. We (well maybe just me) have even had some pretty strong conversations with God while driving my van home from school. If I passed you during one of those times, please don’t commit me just yet I was only trying to make sure God was hearing me. I don’t think He wears a hearing aid but in case He does and He didn’t have it in I needed to make sure He heard EVERY. SINGLE. WORD.

At the time in which we had 9 possibilities all we could pray was “Lord, shut the doors to those that are not right and not for us. You already know where you want us and even where we are gonna end up so could you PLEASE just shut the doors already!” Friends, in case you haven’t experienced praying with boldness like that especially knowing your husband is almost JOBLESS let me give you a little insight into how it feels. . . TERRIFYING!!! Yep, from the human perspective it is terrifying BUT from the spiritual perspective it is absolutely, 100% the most FREEING feeling in the world! Like OTF 500 + calorie workout with endorphins firing on all cylinders EXHILARATING type of feeling! Back to that prayer. . . we prayed and God answered. In one week alone 3 maybe 4 doors shut in a matter of just a couple of days and others have shut since then as well. WOAH! Our human mind was saying “TOTAL REJECTION who do you guys think you are” but the Lord was speaking to our hearts and we were rejoicing and saying THANK YOU GOD!

SO, where does that leave us? It leaves us right here, in Wylie. We are finishing up packing up our house and preparing to have it on the market within the next week. Our kids are loving school and having great seasons of baseball and softball and I am having a great year with my students! I just adore them! Craig is preaching three out of the four weekends in October and we will be spending time in Ruston as we partake in the Hall of Fame festivities where my step-dad will be inducted for baseball. We are in solid conversations with a couple of churches and we are continuing to pray and ask the Lord to show us clarity as we journey through this process.

Craig mentioned this past weekend as we were saying “thank you” to all of our friends and family at Chase Oaks – Woodbridge for the last time, that this season of our life is not just us preparing to see where God wants to use us but it is a season of us learning what God wants and is doing in us. The passage in scripture that talks about the refining process of silver (I believe) that’s what I feel like that this transition has been. It’s been the refiner’s fire. Do you know the song? The Chorus goes like this:

Refiner’s fire
My heart’s one desire
Is to be holy
Set apart for You, Lord
I choose to be holy
Set apart for You, my Master
Ready to do Your will

I am 100% human and I am tempted just like the next person. For me, I have to choose to set my eyes on the Lord and stay looking forward or else I will fail. I will always choose my human wants over my heavenly needs. The more I sing the chorus to myself the more I find my heart and my head matching up and wanting to do the will of the Father. It’s a day by day process and it starts with the small beginnings.

Thank you all for the weekend of celebration. Team Rush left Chase Oaks feeling so honored. If you saw us on Friday night, thanks for loving on my kids as they sat in the auditorium balling their eyes out. They have been the biggest troopers I have seen! Your words of kindness in our notes have all been enjoyed. The food you prepared and shared was delicious. And the hugs that you gave will last for a long time. Team Rush doesn’t feel like we have just been leading teams or a body of believers. We see the last three years as God’s opportunities for us to come alongside with arms linked and serve a community and people together with you. It has been our joy to call ourselves Woodbridgers and you all will hold special places in our hearts.

Let’s end this post with a recap of fun memories that were captured by the one and only Gretchen Starns. Hit that girl up for some family photos. She has got the skillz! Love you all and hope to see you around town until we embark on our next big adventure!

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