Louisiana Saturday Night

This past weekend Team Rush set off for an adventure. To some it may seem like we “just went home to momma and daddy” but for us it was a big time. Why? We were able to see all 6 parental units, visit 4 different towns in Louisiana, attend the LA Tech Hall of Fame Banquet, see Aunt Anna while in Ruston, attend a LA Tech football game, Craig preached AND we were able to introduce our closest friends one of the places (town) that is nearest and dearest to our hearts! All of that was accomplished in just a 5 day span! Hearts full, bodies tired and spirits refreshed from being with family.

ZaBloudils headed to Natchitoches!!!

Our adventure started with our first stop in Bossier City. We stayed at Pappy and Zsa Zsa’s and then divided and conquered. Craig and the littles headed to Natchitoches while Elliott and I stayed in Shreveport. Teddy had a reservation at Casa de Rush on Harling Lane and I had an appointment with Jordan at Rosie’s Beauty Operators.

With clothes meticulously picked out, Team Rush along with my brother, sister in law, their three girls, joined Pappy and Zsa Zsa for the 2019 LA Tech Hall of Fame ceremony. Pappy played ball for LA Tech from 1971-1974 and still to this day he holds some pretty cool records!

Two sisters before wrangling kids at an adult event!
Aren’t they the cutest!?!

With 8 new inductees, the speeches were a little much for the littles, so my sister in law and I took the kids outside to have a little cheerleading fun! Aren’t they adorable?

We called Aunt Anna to come and visit with us. I can’t even imagine being a sophomore in college and having 11 nieces and nephews! Her she is with 5 of them!

Dan (brother) and Craig finally joined us and then we headed off to El Jaritto. Oh my the food still tastes as yummy as it use to.

3 of the 6 Robertson/Rush/Harris kids

Saturday we tailgated, ate more yummy food, watched the ballgame from the DAC (aka air conditioned and catered food environment) and the kids stole the half time show with Pappy!

Gang’s all here
More Aunt Anna time
Team Rush
Elliott was super excited to be on the field as well!
Evelyn was in hog heaven!

As we were leaving Ruston headed to Natchitoches, Elliott made the comment that he was able to check something off his bucket list… attending a collegiate football game and going on the field! I love that kid. He is the easiest to please!

Church on Sunday was a blast. Yes my man was on fire as he brought the Word of God, but I was able to worship with two of my parents, my in laws, my 90 year old grandmother, and our best friends!!! And it happened in the church I spent most of my life. The epitome of a sentimental memory!

Isn’t she a beauty!
My daddy! I love to hear this man pray. He has prayed for me my entire life.
My girl Doodle! We are rebels. I believe this was taken during that prayer by my daddy. When we normally forget to take a selfie to document the occasion but you remember during prayer, you take the picture and ask forgiveness later!
Poppa T introducing Craig and gladly sharing his pulpit with his son!
When family fills the pew, it’s a glorious day!
The #ZaRush children all growing up!
Last but not least, my man 😍!

When in Louisiana one must indulge in Johnny’s pizza!

The cheese sauce 😋

We traveled down south a bit and had some yummy seafood. By the time we were loaded and headed back to Wylie, our tummies were full and the kids were tired.

Being with family & framily is always one of my favorites. I forget how much I adore my hometown until I spend some extended time there. It is so much fun to be able to drop in and visit, reenergize and then go back to life outside of Natchitoches. It’s not a place that Team Rush could call home but it is the place that was my home for 18 years of my life. It’s the place all my childhood memories were made and the place that a large part of my family has stayed.

One thing I know is true is that no matter where this next big adventure is that we are on with the Lord, it will be good and we will learn to adjust to the new normal. We will add to our framily and add memories to the mental memory book.

As you read this you may find yourself thinking “well that was a pointless post, just a photo drop update”. And your right, but can I be bold and ask will you pray for us? Will you ask the Lord to continue working His plan in all of this and if He so sees fit, could it speed up just a little?!?

How can we pray for you? Contact us. We want to spend our time in prayer and love when we can call people by name!

Off to bed I go as school alarms come early! Good night blog world! Til next time… enjoy!

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