Small Beginnings = Rejoicing

The 3Es had fall parties yesterday at school and both Craig and I were able to attend. I just love watching my kids in their own elements. Most parents can agree that the early years can feel like a beat down. Always directing and redirecting kids to the way that they should go. Correcting and encouraging… sometimes we forget to allow or maybe there just isn’t space for them to put all those lessons into practice. We give them the knowledge, but we forget about the application process. Well, that’s one reason why I like spending time with my kids while they are at school. I get to go in, sit back and enjoy watching them do there thing. Their teachers are in charge and I am a spectator. Seeing how they respond to their peers and their teachers is so cool to me!

At times there are moments where all those small beginnings of raising children feels like it was a waste, but at other times my parental feathers fluff up and this sense of accomplishment washes over me and I realize those small beginnings are developing into something really good and maybe even grand.

Do you ever wonder if this is how our Heavenly Father feels? Does He feel like beating His head up against a wall because we mere humans just don’t get it? Or do you think He continues to see all the small beginnings as just that, beginnings. A place for it start. A place for life to begin. A place for transformation to occur. Does God have “parental feathers” that He fluffs every now and then? Oh the thoughts that meander between my left ear and my right.

I’ve been a believer of Jesus long enough to know and have experienced that the God of the universe (thankfully) doesn’t look at issues of life like we do and His concept of time isn’t anything like our worldly concept of time. Praise the Lord for that! So… when He says in His word not to despise these small beginnings for He rejoices to see the work begin… He doesn’t have a time frame to it or conditions or even meanings in which He intends that to mean.

This verse has sat by my sink everyday for the past five months. I do not believe in coincidence or flukes. So when I flipped the card one morning in June to this card I had no idea what the Lord’s purpose would be for it. All I knew was that each morning when I would go in to brush my teeth and get ready for the day, I just couldn’t flip the card. Can you read it? Small beginnings…..

I believe whole heartily that the God of the universe has a big work for Team Rush to participate in. This week we took some more pretty big leaps of faith and guess what?!? He is still faithful. We shut doors and removed worldly “security blankets”.. my increase in heart palpitations weren’t because we know a solid direction but more or less they have been from removing those things we know we aren’t called to. Obedience is ALWAYS greater than sacrifice. Not sometimes but always and God is good ALL the time!

So, what are the small beginnings in your life that the God of the Universe is wanting to rejoice in seeing the work begin?